Special Menú

-Menu valid from May 22th to 24th, 2020
-This special menu is only for express delivery service or you can pick up at our establishment.
-You can order to the phone number + 506-8814-7063 by phone call or whatsapp.
-Payment of the service can be made by cash at the delivery time.
-Full name:
-Name of the hotel / physical address of your residence:
-Delivery time hour:

Choripan ₡2.500

Accompanied with cabbage and carrot salad.

Pulled pork sandwich ₡3.500

             Slow cooked pork with barbecue sauce, accompaniment cabbage and carrot salad.

Bowl Orquideas ₡3.500

Lettuce, avocado, quinoa, beets, pico de gallo, carrots and fresh cheese and optional pork rind (chicharron).

Cheese Cake ₡1.500

Passion fruit, Caramel, and blackberry